Veggi Filata - Yummy like cheese

Our company is a family enterprise which is developing and producing cheese products. In 2013 Axel Brinkhaus and his daughter Danielle Brinkhaus developed Veggi Filata to offer you an organic certified vegan cheese substitute. Our main focus, besides the vegan recipe, was to produce without chemical additives like: phoshate, artificial stabilizer or preservatives. For this reason we decided to make a 100% vegan product also 100% organic.

We are convinced that Veggi Filata will enrich your vegan kitchen. For example: making sandwiches, scallop a delicious casserole or spread it over a fresh salad. The grated Veggi Filata as well as the Veggi Filata slices are melting perfectly. So you need no preperation to get a good melting result, just handle it like regular cheese.

available since May. Veggi Filata Bianco

Our latest product of organic Veggi Filata "Bianco". Just in time for summer we developed organic Veggi Filata "Bianco" in our family run company. Bianco is vegan (in organic quality) and a yummy alternative to milk-mozzarella.

Bianco is vegan (in organic quality) and a yummy alternative to milk-mozzarella.
Bianco is perfect for home-made salads, for pizzas and other dishes.
Biaco is free form soy, gluten and lactose.
We are producing Bianco in 60 gramm balls to preserve freshness. 3 balls of Bianco with 60 gramm weight are packed in one sales-packaging.

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for a delicious meal, we have aomething suitable for every taste.

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